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The Benefits of using a Norweco Singular Green System

· Singular life expectancy is longer than that of a concrete tank.

· Much more efficient and environmental friendly system.

· Leach field life prolonged as opposed to a conventional system because of aerobic (oxygen –rich) environment inside the tank. The water being discharged to the drain-field also has oxygen in it, which promotes an aerobic condition inside the drain-field and allows for a more favorable environment for the bacteria to grow in the field as well. This helps prevent bio-mat build up or clogging in the drain-field because the bacteria are still working.

· Treats up to 600 GPD and is ANSI/NSF Standard 40 certified.

· Stands alone as the only system to employ polyethylene single-tank technology with integral pretreatment, flow equalization and disinfection!

· Boasts a unique multi-directional ribbed design that is UV stabilized, extremely durable, leak-proof and corrosion resistant.

· Weighs 1000 lbs and is easily installed by two people with a backhoe.

· Offers a solution to difficult tank delivery concerns such as limited site access and steep grades.

To find out more on Norweco Septic Systems please refer to the links listed below and view the proper information provided by Norweco.

CLICK HERE to find out more information on Singulair Green Specifications.

CLICK HERE to find out more information on Singulair Green Tank Delivery and Setting.

CLICK HERE to view the Norweco Singulair Service Contract.


Norweco Pictures

Installing A Norweco Septic Tank
A Norweco Leach Field
Installing A Distribution Box


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